Not In Today

Out of office, hassle free!

Do you have to change your out of office every few days? Or change your message now and then?

Finally a recurring out of office message at your disposal.
Set your weekly day(s) off once and let 'Not In Today' handle it for you.

Manage multiple out of office messages and swap without a hassle.

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Recurrent Out Of Offices

Do you need to configure your out of office on a frequent basis? For example you work part time or have a less conventional work regime.

Let 'Not In Today' handle this for you. Configure your out of office once with your preferred schedule and 'Not In Today' will take care of that.

Multiple messages

No more rewriting or a copy paste of your out of office message for each different occasion.

Manage multiple messages in 'Not In Today' and use them with your scheduled out of offices.

Different Integrations

Manage your out of offices for your favorite e-mail services in one central application.

Reuse your messages between Office 365 and Gmail or configure one out of office for multiple services.

Supported or on the roadmap

  • Office 365 (work or school account)
  • Microsoft (Hotmail,
  • Google Apps - roadmap
  • Gmail - roadmap


Google Apps

Connect with your company's Google account.


Connect with your personal Gmail account.


Manage your Out Of Offices on your iOS device.


Manage your Out Of Offices on your Android device of choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about my data?

    The application only requests the strictly necessary permissions to be able to update your out of office settings. These are permissions where Microsoft by default does not require admin access rights.

    'Not In Today' can not access your emails, calendar, contacts or send an email on your behalf.